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Suomalaiset eroottiset kansanlaulut

Finnish Erotic Folk Songs

Hyvä ystävä!
Ketkä meitä naimasta estävät,
kun luoja on antanut sellaiset kalut
jotka ihmisen iän kestävät?


My friend!
Who should keep us from screwing
when the Lord has given us such tools
that will last a lifetime?


– suomalainen kansanlaulu / Finnish folk song

Erotic themes in the oldest Finnish folk song tradition

  • Erotic themes in Finnish folk songs have been recorded throughout the history of collecting oral tradition.
  • The oldest form of Finnish folk song, the runo song tradition, was widely recorded in the 19th century.
  • Runo songs with erotic themes were usually considered as unsuitable material by the tradition collectors of the era.
  • Many collectors wouldn’t record this material. Exceptions include Elias Lönnrot and C.A.Gottlund.
  • The recorded material remained unpublished in the SKS archive until the last decades.

Erotic rhymed folk songs

  • Rhymed folk songs widely superseded the runo song tradition during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Tradition collectors of the 20th century (e.g. Erkki Ala-Könni) mostly recognised the value of recording all material including controversial themes. However, informants were often hesitant to perform erotic songs.
  • Archives have scattered recordings of erotic tradition as well as some more extensive samples by keen singers. Often a note indicating “coarse lyrics” helps in finding the material.

Erotic folk songs in everyday life

  • Work songs. Singing was used to maintain rhythm in physical work. Erotic subjects were prominent. Typically associated with male groups at building sites, but singing occurred in many work situations, e.g. maids’ tasks.
  • Lullabys. Often sung by women. Erotic themes apparently relatively common.
  • Dance songs. Old tradition presents erotic songs with particular erotic dance expression.
  • Leisure songs. Erotic themes were popular in leisuretime entertainment (men’s drinking trips – others?)

Erotic subjects and language

  • Erotic songs vary from insinuative to straightly pornographic expression.
  • Some songs suggest roots in real events; mockery songs. E.g. Songs about prostitutes.
  • Many songs present educational tones: warnings about pregnancy and diseases. Social attitudes.
  • Controversial subjects present even in modern view.

Men’s and women’s songs

  • erotic songs are often considered men’s tradition. Why?
  • Why are most archive informants men? Is the picture obscured?
  • Men’s songs – public vs. women’s songs – private?

What is the purpose of the tradition?

  • Eroticism vs. humour.
  • Social functions and the ”correct time to sing”.
  • What happens in the mind during the song – and after it?

Erotic folk songs today

  • Finding the right pieces of tradition.
  • Old attitudes vs. natural views
  • Steering tradition towards modern views: erotic folk songs as a vocal counterpart of burlesque?

Suomalaista eroottista kansanperinnettä -sarja:

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Turvalan uunilla ja muita lauluja
KICD 134, 2016/2107

Träskelin & Korva:
Turvalan uunilla ² – Lisää lauluja
KICD 135, 2107

Duo Pimperot:
Piika huusi pinkotinta
KICD 136, 2107

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